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Freedom or enslavement?


Nowadays, everything in society has been standardised, holding

 citizens under a regime of voluntary or involuntary enslavement.

Goods, services, almost everything has undergone a process of 

standardisation. Even human values such as kindness are judged,

filtered and classified as if they are products in a supermarket.


It all begins from a very young age, when parents and teachers train

children to abide to the principles of competition and fear, so as to fit

and survive in contemporary society. Hence, these are the exact

same motives that they will carry along in their adult life,

out of mere habit, unless they awaken.

J. Krishnamurti once said: “it is not a sign of health to be well-adopted to a deeply sick society.”


I always believed that change, something brighter, will come from within, whether this takes place on a social level, by changing, in-depth, the educational culture, or on a personal level, each person on his/her own and in groups of like-minded people.


So what it that which practically needs to change?

In essence, pretentious changes are unnecessary. Changes will come naturally when we apply something cognitively simple, but which demands a practical, radical change in our everyday life.

This change has to do with one’s shift from excessive imagination, thought, feeling and action to a condition of pure observation of the big theater we call life. 


Pure observation has received several names at times, such as meditation, prayer, peace, Love. The results of this shift, however, are as obvious as the withering of darkness when the sun rises. Then the word freedom obtains a deep and substantial meaning and it connects with the unique sense of fulfillment devoid of specific reason… 


Om prem
Tassos Antonopoulos Narayana

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